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60 percent of small businesses that lose data will shut down within six months

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Productivity Loss

When computer systems fail, your business will likely come to a screeching halt. Employees are left on the clock, idly waiting for systems to come back online. Companies report an annual loss of around 552 man hours to an outage. With such high stakes, you need a plan A in place.

70% of Businesses Are Sunk by a Data Diaster

We are living in a digital world. Your company is fueled by data: customer information, accounting data, emails. The backbone of your business can crumble in a single moment, from malware to typical hardware errors. It's not a matter of if, but when.

3 in 4 Customers Leave a Business After Data Loss

If you can’t provide regular services to your customers, you risk becoming branded as unreliable. When it comes to downtime, 35% of businesses report a drop in customer loyalty following any type of outage. Up to 50% report a tarnished reputation.

The numbers are scary – but we’re here to help. If you need to set up a disaster recovery plan for your business, give us a call. Our expertise will keep your business safe.

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